Bleep DreamPorts

Bleep DreamPorts

HumidX F20 for Airmini (3 pack)

HumidX F20 for Airmini (3 pack)

Bleep DreamPreps

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Unlike traditional CPAP masks the Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. This patented solution uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts (seals) in place eliminating headgear. And unlike traditional seals with the DreamPorts you will not wake up with marks on your face.

Performance Meets Comfort – lightweight and formed to fit you. It uses a soft, pliable, hypoallergenic tape that keeps two small nasal ports attached to your nose to help you breathe at night. There is no headgear, and no hard materials touch any part of the face. This design eliminates facial soreness or those ugly headgear lines in the morning. 

Uninterrupted Sleep – unlike other CPAP masks on the market, the mask is held securely in place and does not slip on your face or leak when you move around in bed. That’s because the tape is as strong as it is gentle on the face. No one wants to be awakened by the dreaded hiss of a mask leak. Rest assured, you won’t have to with Bleep. And, in the morning, the Bleep – DreamPorts can be removed quickly and painlessly – with no visible signs on your face. 

Convenience – helps avoid the trial-and error period associated with identifying other mask options through frequent trips to the doctor or supplier. DreamPort truly is one size fits all. And with Bleep - DreamPort, there is no need to figure out when to replace your mask because each night you use two new, disposable breathing ports in conjunction with your DreamPort Sleep Solution – clean and bacteria free. 

Environmental Protection – Bleep is a company concerned about the environment. The small nasal ports are recyclable. Just peel back the tape and throw the tubes in the recycle bin.

Additional Information:

  • Simple, lightweight design can be used before and during sleep
  • Innovative design can be worn comfortably with facial hair
  • Sleep comfortably on your back, side, or stomach
  • Stop keeping your partner awake at night
  • Simple application can be done in just seconds
  • Get back to sleeping soundly through the night
Standard 100 Wipe Container: Part Number - #100433
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