CPAP Maintenance

General CPAP Maintenance & CPAP Cleaning Tips

  • Make your PAP equipment cleaning part of your morning routine, allowing the equipment ample time to dry during the day. We offer our own EPA approved, four ingredient CPAP Wipes, that are an effective and gentle every day solution to keeping your mask and cushion in top form. You may even invest in a cleaning device, such as the SoClean, to help you keep your equipment sanitized. 
  • Keep machine and accessories out of direct sunlight to avoid damaging them. If you have pets, you may want to invest in a bedside organizer to keep your machine parts out of the way of their mischievousness.
  • Never use bleach in machine, reservoir, or to clean accessories. Always use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser, such as baby shampoo, or Ivory dishsoap.
  • Other machine accessories such as power cords and data cards may need to be replaced due to equipment malfunctions. Make sure to keep an eye on the functionality of more than just your regularly replaced items to ensure you are getting the therapy you need without error.
  • Place machine on a level surface away from objects such as curtains that may interfere with the air intake. This also means you should keep up with cleaning your non-disposable filters, and changing out your disposable filters, as they are the barriers that filters the air you breathe as well as the motor of your machine. 
  • When available, always use distilled or sterile water when using or cleaning components.
  • Keep track of when you should order replacement parts for your mask and accessories so that you always get the most out of your therapy. We offer a helpful Replacement Schedule

With these simple tips on cleaning and maintaining your CPAP device and accessories, you will assuredly have a much better CPAP therapy experience. For more in-depth information on daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of your equipment and supplies, check out our PAP Machines & Maintenance page.